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“Nanchara-Kaido” is a blog about hot spring trips by Sanae Fujii, who is a hot springs lover and a single woman in “around forties.” My partner of these trips is called “my buddy.”


“Expensive and Good” is obvious. We, actually are of low social standings, are trying to have a great experience in a low budget.

The Origin of the Blog Name

In Osaka, the place where I was born, most of the big streets were called “Suji” such as “Mido-suji” or “Abeno-suji.” But when I came to Tokyo after graduating high school, I was surprised that there were many streets named “Kaido” like “Koshu-Kaido” or “Nikko-Kaido.” And when we go straight down the road, it really goes to Koshu (An old name for Yamanashi area) or Nikko. It was really impressive when I found out that those asphalt-paved roads have their history of hundreds of years and connected to somewhere I’ve never been to yet. So, I named this blog “Nanchara-Kaido” to express that impression.
“Nanchara” is a dialect word in my hometown meaning “something-something,” people use it when they can’t clearly remember the name of something. I didn’t have a clear mind of what to write when I started this blog, so I used this word that can mean anything.

About Us


Sanae Fujii (the manager)

Born in Osaka, 1977. Graduated from Musashino Art University, the department of sculpture. I couldn’t get a job after a graduation for a while, so I started some kind of a physical work for a temporary measure, but somehow continuing it until now. Before, I was also writing what kind of job it is, but since there are too few women doing this job, it’s pretty easy to tell who I am. So I’m just leaving it “some kind” for my future.


My Buddy

He is not my husband. I think I’m not in the age of saying “my boyfriend” anymore, and it could be kind of complicated if we broke up, so I decided to say he is “my buddy.”

He does all the driving, and mostly, he is deciding where to go and where to stay. Most of the pictures are taken by Sanae Fujii, so he appears on the pictures more. It might look like his blog, but all the posts are written by Sanae Fujii and managed by her only.



It’s a car navigation system that my buddy bought even though he didn’t have a car. It guides us by the voice of Hiroshi Fujioka, a famous Japanese actor. He was acting the first “Kamen Rider” about 40 years ago, which is still the most popular hero in Japan. My buddy started to ride automobiles because he was influenced by this hero.

Translated bypicolisco

This post is also available in 日本語.