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"NAGAYU Hot Spring" usually called as " GANIYU" The Carbon Acid contents is 7 TIMES as much as BUB

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We are now heading to "YUFUIN" after we left "BEPPU" hot spring


Normally inside the guide book, "YUFUIN" and "BEPPU" are considered combined as one but actually there is a 1500m-class mountain called "YUFUDAKE" between them.


YUFUDAKE is an active volcano. If you climb up near to top of the mountain, around the road are covered by short grasses and there’s a lot of huge lava stones around the place. It looks like a grass land with range cattle if you see it from far.


You might think it’s a peaceful scenery, but truth is the strong wind around these areas would definitely makes us difficult to be standing still.


YUFUDAKE is designated as ASO KUJU Quasi-national park, and divided to two peaks which is an East peak and a West peak.


The observatory of the foot of the twin peaks is the YUFUIN hot spring.

We arrived at town at the foot of YUFUDAKE.


building like hotels or hostels on the roadside. So we are now wondering whether it's really YUFUIN which we thought?

We are so shocked because it is just after BEPPU hot spring which was very typical place.

"YUFUIN" created hot spring

We arrived at station in YUFUIN.


YUFUIN used to be a small hot spring and desolate. The place is always hidden behind the BEPPU hot spring which is more popular.


YUFUIN often refer as an example of business model of tourist spot. But I felt something fictitious like theme park when I was here last time in 2013.

We might be able to find different opinions if we take more time to see around since we could manage to walk along the national road and around the station.

An entertainment district in BEPPU is now more attracting people with their natural appeal.

Even though we will stay here longer, we don't think we can find something very attractive therefore we decided to leave and proceed to the next hot spring.

YUNOHIRA hot spring with stone-paved street and sloping roads.


After we left YUFUIN, we are now heading to our next destination "NAGYU hot spring" .


We drove for a while until we saw an entrance along the road for a rustic hot spring resort, so we went inside there. Inside the hot spring resort, the road is really narrow which only one car may be possible to drive through at one time and sinuous road like a snake extended along the way.

The scale of hot spring resort is actually bigger than we thought as we can see from the entrance. And also it is on the steep slope that we have to use a lot of energy, if we walk around by foot.


Stone-paved street's length is around few hundred meters from the entrance of hot spring resort and surprisingly it was done 300 years ago.
I think a lot of people in Tokyo still do not know about YUNOHIRA hot spring, I was so surprised that we still have a nice historical place like here.


There are some public bathhouses at the hot spring.


We wish we could stay overnight here but it's too near from BEPPU hot spring that we will surely come for next time.


Free Mineral water with natural sparkling.


Ohhhh it is totally not enough 10 days of holiday....I have only limited day off ,I have no choice that I'm heading to NAGAYU with an aching heart.

I unexpectedly found natural mineral water stand when we drive around the mountain.


There is a signal board on the building and written "deep ground water of IWAI hill"


There is a shack next to a public water place to manage here and according to the local people here who guard this place, we can feel free to drink this water with paper cup provided. Unless you need to pay some money if you want to bring back with bottles or plastic containers.

『岩井高地 地下深層水』について

This is very fresh sparkling water. How nice If we can chill and drink with spirits!!!!

natural sparkling water is gushing out from underground around this area.

This public water place was digging with boring machine. I feel they are so nice that it is free. They should start charging money.

This post is also available in 日本語.

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