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“Yukemuri-Tembodai” – Look out over the town from a great hidden viewing spot in Beppu


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After leaving Beppu Guest House, we had a breakfast plan meeting for the day at a family restaurant. We were planning to go and see several springheads in Beppu city, which is called “Jigoku-Meguri” (it means “Hell Tour” in English), but when we checked the official website of Jigoku-Meguri, it seemed like they open pretty early from 8 AM, so we decided to go there right after finishing our breakfast.

There are 8 jigoku (hells) in Beppu, and the first one we headed for was “Chinoike-Jigoku.”

When we see the official map on the website, it seems like those jigoku are all in one big park. But actually, they are located in separated places in the hot springs town. Especially, Chinoike-Jigoku and Tatsumaki-Jigoku are far from other jigoku, and we can’t walk there. So we decided to go to these two places first by motorcycle.

Brochure of Beppu Jigoku-Meguri

Free Foot Bedrock Bath in Kannawa Hot Springs

As we went on the main street in Kannawa Onsen towards Chinoike-Jigoku, there were clouds of smoke coming from a place along the street!

A mysterious stone wall with clouds of smoke in Kannawa

We got off the motorcycle and went closer to the place. There was a hut beside the clouds of steam. I thought, “Is it a foot bath?” But there was no hot water, and only several wooden benches were placed. However, there were many people relaxing in the hut. What’s this?

There was nothing like a bath in the hut.

There was a sign said “Foot Bedrock Bath” on the hut. When I took a closer look in the hut, the floor was covered with lots of rock tiles. That’s interesting! I’ve never seen a foot bedrock bath before.

Rare foot bedrock bath

In Tokyo, bedrock bathing is quite pricey. What a great hot springs town, Beppu! Bedrock bath for free! It looked really nice, but the place was full of elderly people in the neighborhood.

A dog that couldn’t wait for its owner and went back home alone (lol)

There was a dog wondering around the owner. It seemed like they stopped by during a walk and the owner was enjoying talking with others. Their talk was pretty long and the dog got bored, so it went back home alone.

Yumetake” - A Quite High-Performance Cooling System

Near the foot bedrock bath, there was a place called “Hell Steam Studio Kannawa.” It looks like a one day trip hot springs spot, but we can cook and eat steamed food here. They cook food by hot springs, which is a traditional way of cooking from Edo era. Unfortunately, we just had breakfast a while ago, so just looking from outside today.

Hell Steam Studio Kannawa next to the foot bedrock bath.

A lot of steam was coming out from the equipment made of bamboo, which was next to the building. This is a cooling system of hot springs called “Yumetake.”

Hot springs cooling system Yumetake

By letting the hot water through this system, 100 degrees Celsius springhead will be cooled down to 45 degrees Celsius.

It does look really efficient.

“Yukemuri-Tembodai” – A perfect viewing spot where you can see the whole Beppu Onsen

After we passed Kannawa area, there was a marvelous view below us that is like “This is Beppu!”

The steam from Kannawa area is superior.

I wondered, “It’s much better if there’s a lookout spot.” And we heard of a place called “Beppu-Kannawa Onsen Yukemuri Tembodai,” an observation platform near here, so we decided to drop by.

As we follow the navigation, we came into a residential area and there seems to be nothing like a viewing spot.

I didn’t know that Beppu is an exclusive residential district...

Well, all the houses here are quite big.

We passed through the residential area and arrived to the observation platform. There were several signs to this viewing spot, so it was fairly easy to come. Also, there is a big parking space that about 10 cars can park.

At Yukemuri-Tembodai, with the motorcycle

I heard that there’s usually a hot springs festival at the beginning of April in Beppu Onsen. An event called “Ougiyama Himatsuri” (Ougiyama Fire Festival) would be great seeing from this spot. The parking space should be nice when you want to take pictures using a tripod. But there’s no stations nor bus stops near here, so it will take a lot of effort and time to come here only by public transportation.

I wish I can come here again during the hot springs festival.

We kind of loitered, but let’s get on our way to Chinoike-Jigoku! be continued.

Access to Yukemuri-Tembodai (Yukemuri Observation Platform)

Address: Kannawa-Higashi 8 kumi, Beppu, Oita (Royal Town Daikanyama)



Translated bypicolisco

This post is also available in 日本語.

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