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Akagawa onsen Akagawa-so

Japanese No.1 Carbonated Onsen "Shichirida Onsen" and Freezing Open-air Bath "Akagawa Onsen"

2016/11/05   -Kyushu Region, Oita Prefecture

We stayed at "Nagayu Onsen" in Oita, and now are heading towards Aso on Bungo Highway. Although it was raining from the dawn, it almost stopped at the time of the check out. Yet, the peaks of the mountains in ...


"NAGAYU Hot Spring" usually called as " GANIYU" The Carbon Acid contents is 7 TIMES as much as BUB

We are now heading to "YUFUIN" after we left "BEPPU" hot spring Normally inside the guide book, "YUFUIN" and "BEPPU" are considered combined as one but actually there is a 1500m-class mountain called "YUFUDAKE" between them. YUFUDAKE is an active ...

Beppu Jigoku Meguri Tour (Hell tour)

We started called "Hell tour" which is visit 8 hot spring sources dotted in Beppu hot spring town. First place we visited called "Chinoike-Jigoku" and "Tatsumaki-Jigoku" which is further from down town of Beppu. Rode short passes from Kannawa hot ...

This is Beppu!

“Yukemuri-Tembodai” – Look out over the town from a great hidden viewing spot in Beppu

After leaving Beppu Guest House, we had a breakfast plan meeting for the day at a family restaurant. We were planning to go and see several springheads in Beppu city, which is called “Jigoku-Meguri” (it means “Hell Tour” in English), ...

Night town in Beppu

Vast bustling area of Beppu Hot Spring

We arrived at Shin-moji Harbour in Fukuoka by car ferry. After we stopped over at Beppu Hot Spring Recreation Land, we drove by our motorbikes toward main city to find an inn for that day. We were planning to stay ...

Beppu Hoyo Land Resort

Controversial Beppu Hoyo Land Resort

We are dropping by Yabakei and Rakan temple for sightseeing on the way to Beppu hot spring after getting off the ferry at Shinmoji port in the early morning. When we arrived at a service area in Beppu bay on ...


Yabakei and Rakanji in Oita

After more than one and a half day trip by ship, we arrived at Shin-moji Harbor. First, we headed to Beppu Hot Spring in Oita Prefecture. It doesn't take much time if we use turnpike from Shin-moji to Beppu, but ...

Tokyo Gate Bridge

Visiting Kyusyu from Tokyo by using the traveling service of Ocean Tokyu Ferry!

2015/10/12   -Oita Prefecture

The destination of my journey during the Japanese “Golden Week” holiday is the Kyusyu area. However, I made my travel plan just before the start of the consecutive holidays and I was not able to make a flight reservation since ...